Marvel: Nightfall

Back at the office

Aftermath of the assault on Central

later, in the aftermath of the Hydra/Troll assault, SeaTac's Police Central began the process of picking up the pieces. Harper began his leadership of the team with his first evening on watch. During this time he began researching Hyde Industrial. His research eventually led him to the Essex Corporation. Later, he interviewed the illegal Alicen Steele (Catseye). During the interview, he surprised his new colleague Marko (Phantom) by proposing a mutual assistance agreement with Alicen. One which would guarantee her freedom. She accepted on the condition that Nathan (Graviton) remain her contact. 

Later in the evening, Nixi (Nycto) went to Harper and spoke to him about the disturbing dreams she had been having. Their conversation was later disturbed by warning klaxons announcing the Alicen's escape. During the investigation, Harper congratulated Marko on the subtle release of Catseye, only to learn that Marko had not attempted to release her as yet.



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