Marvel: Nightfall

Nightfall (part 2)

What has gone before, part 2

A couple of days later, Nathan was contacted at his own home by an illegal by the name of Alicen Steele (aka Catseye). She used her powers to avoid any hostilities and offered Nathan information in exchange for information. Nathan eventually agreed and received a thumb drive from Catseye.

Nathan then returned to the station and passed the thumb drive to Marko for evaluation. During his examination, Marko found the chip to have been programmed with advanced Stark software which could not have been made prior to Tony Starks (aka Ironman) death at the hands of Captain Marvel. Eventually, Marko determined that the chip was safe enough to use. The team then moved Cynosure to one of the most secure rooms within the department and began the process of hacking her chip. This lead to the discovery of the influence of the secret organisation Hydra having been involved with Cynosure's manufacture. 

This also lead to an attack on the police station by gunships and elite teams of power armour suited soldiers, and a counter attack by the illegal known as Troll. While escaping the secure room with the help of Mobius, the team encountered two elite soldiers and a new villain who called himself Psychometer. The team dealt swiftly with the distraction and headed for an air cruiser in an attempt to escape Troll. Nathan insisted on taking the two unconscious soldiers with them.

The team's  attempt to avoid Troll ended in a dangerous chase. Damage to the cruiser eventually lead to a crash and a foot race to the nearest military base. Just when it seemed the team might not make it before being intercepted by Troll, a woman (who might have been Catseye) appeared and stopped the pursuit. The team then made it safely into the base. Though they were not welcomed, they were given a room in which to stay until they were met by higher level authorities.

Enter Mason Harper aka Flamebolt and Nixi Phebes aka Nycto; exit James Grim and Euler.

James and Euler are transported out by quinjet to places unknown and Mason takes charge of the rest of the team amid a fog of suspicion and resentment. The new team then returned to the station. 

To be continued…



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