Marvel: Nightfall

Nightfall (part 1)

What has gone before part 1

Four years ago the government brought together four hyper-powered men and trained them to be a team. Full of idealism and a desire to make a better world, they were stationed in the SeaTac megalopolis. There they quickly discovered that the world was not as they thought it would be. Full of inequity and the red tape of bureaucracy, they found they must make do. For three years they maintained their mission; locate and capture illegal supers, assist standard police in situations that might cost considerable loss of human life and destruction of property, and always be vigilant against enemies of the state.

Synopsis: The team; James Grim aka Titan, Nathan Karr aka Graviton (II), Marko Lehtonen aka Phantom, and Euler aka Mobius.

One evening the heroes responded to a call about a robbery in progress with possible hyper-powered individuals. Upon arriving, the team found the call to be accurate. The robbery went wrong when CorpSec security arrived on scene and attempted to take the robbers down. This attempt failed. While devising a method for rescuing the hostages of the club the team was suddenly transported inside the club in the midst of the hostages and their captors. Before either group had a chance to react, an explosion shook the tower as three heavily armed men in power armor blasted through the wall.

In the ensuing chaos, Graviton discovered that the new aggressors were after a young brunette who was among the hostages in the club. During the ensuing battle, the team escaped with the young woman who displayed telekinetic abilities. A running battle took place as the team, aided by a female CorpSec officer attempted to lead the men in power armor away. The team eventually drove away the mysterious aggressors though their air cruiser (CorpSec) was forced to crash. In the aftermath, the team learned that the lady CorpSec officer wasn't who she seemed to be. 

After returning to their offices at the police station the team discovered several things. First, the young woman they had rescued has a technically legal chip, but one which they couldn't access for information. All they could read from it was that the woman's code name is Cynosure and a serial number. They also learned that the manufacturer was one Hyde Industries. Tests revealed that she was a bio-droid who wasn't affected by inhibitors. In time they verified her telekinesis, and that she could heal. After a destructive lab incident, the team decided to remove her to friendlier surroundings and arranged a secure apartment for her within police central. 

To be continued…



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