Nixi Phebes



Health: 70
Karma: 165

Popularity: 4 (Poor)
Resources: 30 (Remarkable)

Fighting: 10 (Good)
Agility: 30 (Remarkable)
Strength: 20 (Excellent)
Endurance: 10 (Good)
Reasoning: 30 (Remarkable)
Intuition: 30 (Remarkable)
Psyche: 30 (Remarkable)

Phasing: 30 (Remarkable) does not interfere with electronics
- The hero can render his body intangible to normal matter. This enables him to pass harmlessly through any object. The hero’s power rank must exceed the barrier’s material strength in order for Phasing to occur. The hero can Phase through Force Fields, Body Armors, Resistances, and Invulnerabilities of lower ranks by making a green FEAT. Because the hero is out of phase with normal matter, he cannot breathe. Thus, the practical duration limit on this power is the length of time the hero can hold his breath. If the hero has some way around this problem, the duration is unlimited. Note that if the power is somehow “turned on” permanently, as happened to Kitty Pryde, the power gains the ability to transform air into phased particles that the hero can breathe. In the Marvel Universe, Phasing has a damaging effect on delicate electronic devices. By Phasing through such devices, the hero can disrupt normal activity and scramble any on-line programming. If, during the character creation process, the player decides to forego this side effect, he can raise his hero’s power rank +1CS. For modesty’s sake, it is assumed that the power also transforms the hero’s clothing and carried possessions into phased matter. The power’s side effect automatically scrambles any electronics the hero is carrying (Kitty Pryde wears a wind-up watch, never a digital one). If the player wants to risk his hero’s modesty for the sake of a more realistic game, the player can assume either that the power only transforms whatever the hero was wearing when he first got this power (severely limiting the hero’s wardrobe) or that there is a base 70% chance that the power automatically transforms whatever the hero is wearing at the time. In either case, this must be determined when the hero is first created.

Mental Invisibility: 30 (Remarkable)
- The hero has the ability to render his own mental energies undetectable by external means. Such means can be technological (EEG scans), psionic, Magical, or Power-based in nature. It is Invisibility in telepathic terms.

- The Power protects the hero from discovery by outside forces. It serves as Power rank Resistance to undesired probes and psionic attacks. Success means the external probe shows nothing at all, including the presence of this Power, and psionic attacks simply pass through the target (think of someone trying to punch air). The Power can extend to other minds, but each additional mind decreases the effective Invisibility -1CS.

Stealth: 30 (Remarkable)
- The hero can move in ways that cannot be detected, whether while moving or if subjected to later Tracking. When the hero uses Stealth, his rank is subtracted from the efforts of those detecting him.

Shadowshaping: 30 (Remarkable)
- This Power enables the hero to affect normal shadows and, indirectly, light as well. The hero can shift the location and size of normal shadows. He can form them into 2-dimensional images that can do Power rank damage to real targets. The hero can also Remote Sense through these shadow-constructs. The hero can increase or decrease the Intensity of any shadow, whether natural or Power-based, by his Power rank number. This overlaps with Light Generation and Shadowcasting but differs in that either effect is possible and only existing shadows or shadow-related Powers are affected.

- The hero has the ability to see through any shadow as if it were a normally-lit area, provided its Intensity is less than or equal to his Power rank. This does not apply to Darkforce, however.

- This Power includes Power rank Resistance to shadow-based Powers.

Shadowcasting: 30 (Remarkable)
- The hero can emit a field that decreases light and radiation. The obscured energy’s Intensity is lowered by the Power’s rank taken as Intensity. The energy forms that can be affected by this Power are Light, Heat, Hard Radiation, Radiowaves, Energy Doppelgangers, and Energy Bodies.

- The hero possesses the ability to affect only Light when his Power is at Gd rank. At each rank above Gd, he gains the ability to affect another energy form in the following order: EX-Heat, RM-Hard Radiation, IN-Radiowaves, AM-Energy Doppelgangers, MN-Energy Bodies.

- This Power includes the ability to see clearly through his own natural or Power-created shadows of Intensity less that the hero’s Power rank.

- The Power can disrupt Darkforce Manipulation on a Ty Intensity FEAT if its rank is higher than that of the Darkforce manipulator, Rm Intensity FEAT if they are equal, and Un Intensity FEAT if the Power’s rank is lower.

Energy Sheath (Shadow): 30 (Remarkable)
- The hero can surround himself with an energy field. This field provides protection, life support, and a means of manifesting the hero’s other Powers. The energy field can be of any type (see the Energy Emission section for available types). Each energy field has its own characteristics that affect the ways the hero can use the Power.
-Only one Energy Sheath can be used at a time. The hero may possess several possible Energy Sheathes. The original rank for each is Good; this can be modified by the Ability Modifier Table on page 6 in the Player’s Book. Each Power is rolled separately. Thus a hero might possess a Poor Sonic Sheath and an Incredible Vibration Sheath. Damage to the Sheath does not affect the hero’s Health. If the Sheath is destroyed, the hero. must make a red FEAT to regain it. Possible ways of destroying a Sheath include Energy Control and Conversion, Power Control, and Magic. When the hero is using this Power, he has a special vulnerability to Energy Control and Conversion Powers that can affect his type of Energy Sheath (-2CS). However, he also has +2CS Resistance to attacks using the same energy form as his Sheath. For the duration of the Sheath, it is assumed to be made of an infinite supply of that energy. (Otherwise, the character bookkeeping would be a nightmare. “Let’s see, if I throw a fireball, that’s gonna cost five minutes of power…”)
When creating the hero, the player can opt to replace one of the other Powers with a Transportation Power. The player can also replace other Powers with the appropriate Energy Emission and Control Powers, if he so chooses.

Energy Path: 6 (Typical)
- This is a combination of Energy Body and Carrier Wave. The hero is transformed into energy and is propelled at Power rank speed along currents of that energy. The maximum speed is that normal Energy. The hero is limited to places where the energy currents flow. The player must choose what form of energy the hero turns into. Upon reaching the destination or the limit of the energy current, the hero safely rematerializes.
- Travel can be affected by anything that disrupts the current, such as a break in an electric line or the use of Energy Emission or Control Powers. When a disruption occurs, the hero must make a Power FEAT to detour around the obstacle and continue on. Failure means the hero rematerializes on the spot and can not reenter the energy path for an hour.
- The hero must be within 10 feet of the current in order to join it. Insulation of an Intensity exceeding his Power rank prevents the hero from joining the current.
- The hero can transform and tow along an additional mass. Treat the Power rank in terms of Strength to determine how much additional material can be transported by this Power. For example, a Typical rank can transport an additional 100-200 pounds.
- While in an energized state, the hero is extremely vulnerable to the energy altering Powers. These are Absorption Power, Energy Solidification, Energy Sponge, and Energy Vampirism. Any of these have the potential to trap or even destroy the hero. Fortunately the hero is moving at the speed normal for his energy type is thus a rather difficult target.

Blending: 30 (Remarkable)
- The hero has the ability to match his color exactly to his surroundings. This Power functions as a practical invisibility. The body’s outline and contours are still detectable if the observer is very careful. The Power is most effective if the hero is in low light or at a distance from the viewer. Variables include speed and
complexity of color change, and whether the Power is automatic or voluntary.

Shadow Step
- Energy Path (Typical 6) distance (396 ft) Shadow
- Phasing (Remarkable 30) through materials (Cloth, glass, brush, paper Normal plastics, crystal, wood, rubber, soft metals — gold, brass, copper — ice, adobe, computer chips, brick, aluminum, light machinery pieces, asphalt, high strength plastics, concrete, Beta cloth, iron, bullet-proof glass, reinforced concrete, steel)

Guess Who?!? (General shenanigans)
- Shadowshaping (Remarkable 30) target’s shadow to cover the target’s eyes.

- Gains Clue Analysis, Counterfeit recognition, identification System, Law, and Police Procedure. This character is trained to notice small clues to a crime, and gains +1CS to find them, and also gains 1 contact in either Crime, Law enforcement, or Law.

Clue Analysis
- +1CS to Intuition/Reason on gathering information on clues.

Counterfeit Recognition
- +1CS to Intuition for identifying false signatures, money, art, etc. A failed roll means that the character believes its genuine.

Identification System

- The character with this Talent has an extensive background in the law (the assumption being US Law, but this may vary according to the Judge’s campaign). The hero may be a lawyer of capable of applying to pass the bar (Reason FEAT of Good intensity). A character with the Law as a Talent gains a +1 CS to all FEAT rolls involving the law, including correct legal procedure. A character without Law gains no benefit to Reason FEATs and in addition will have to make Reason FEATs more often than a character with the Law Talent.

Police Procedure
- Enables a character to avoid both police conflict and security. For example; such a character could apprehend felons and gain access to a crime scene without being arrested.

- This Talent is the skill of tracking a person(s) or animal(s) by the trail, they might have left behind. This gives the hero a +1 CS bonus to Intuition when trying to track earthbound targets though any type of terrain (Difficulty modifiers can apply).
- This skill allows you to track others and to cover your own trail with any earthbound target and through any type of terrain. When doing the tracking +1CS for tracking people +1CS for each person over one that you are tracking.

- Stealth is an Intuition based talent. It gives +1CS to intuiton and requires others to make an Intuition Feat at the intensity of the stealthy character’s modified intuition in order to spot the character. Any movement requires additional Stealth FEAT’s, or the watchers get another roll to detect the character. Detective/Espionage DOES give a bonus to spotting Stealthy characters.

- The character with this talent can blend in with his surroundings. The body’s outline and contours are still detectable if the observer is careful or if the hero moves. –2 CS to Intuition for anyone looking for the hero.

Bibliothec: Bob
Law Enforcement: Karrin Murphy
Crime, Snitch: Becky


Age: 19 Height: 5’10" Weight: 126 lbs Eyes: Light silvery grey

Hair: Her natural hair color is blonde. It is currently dyed vibrant purple and blue that flows to her mid-back.

Physical traits: Nixi is lean with pale, smooth skin. She wears a black linen kimono style dress, fine black leather gloves, knee high lace wrap boots, a black fedora and a black scarf wrapped about her head.

Nixi is a private detective / police consultant, and a bit of a prankster. She gained her powers during what was supposed to have been a routine case. A mystic medium channeled the goddess Nyx who bestowed powers of darkness on her.

Nixi rarely goes out in the day, the light of day is… unpleasant. When she must go out, she is covered from head to toe and prefers to stay in the shadows as often as possible. Granted, she is covered head to toe pretty much all night too. She rarely shows her face. Nixi only uncovers her face when she is at home or feels truly safe and comfortable.

She is a bit of a loner and yet often finds reasons to make silly, harmless mischief. She might sneak up on people she is familiar with, or have a person’s shadow tap the individual on the shoulder.

Nixi’s shadow creations are darker than normal shadows, seeming somehow more /real/, substantial. Neither does Nixi cast a shadow of her own, though she often seems to radiate them. She also is able to disappear into the corner of a room only to appear behind you.

Nixi Phebes

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