Marko Olli Lehtonen, Code Name: Phantasm (ph4n745m)

Caucasian, Brown hair and eyes, 6' tall, 195 lbs.



Fighting: 20 (Excellent) Health: 100
Agility: 30 (Remarkable) Karma: 50 (40 donated to Karma Pool)
Strength: 20 (Excellent)
Endurance: 30 (Remarkable)
Reasoning: 30 (Remarkable)
Intuition: 30 (Remarkable)
Psyche: 30 (Remarkable)


Energy Sponge: 30 (Remarkable)

Martial Arts Supremacy: 10 (Good)

Energy Emission (Vibration): 30 (Remarkable)
-Cause tremors at power rank range and damage.
-Incapacitate (or kill) living targets by causing vertigo/nausea or even internal hemorrhaging.
-Resistance to vibration attacks.
-Negate sonic and vocal powers at +2CS (Amazing) ability.

Vibration Control: 30 (Remarkable)
-Power rank resistance to vibration and sonic attacks.
-Control or create tremors up to 4 on the Richter scale (Incredible to Amazing intensity).
-Cripple gyroscopes, thus disabling any vehicles dependant on them. Also, works on robots.
-Distort or mute a target’s voice negating vocal powers.
-Adjust the vibratory rate of his own atoms, permitting him to phase through objects or let
solids pass through him harmlessly.

Sound Manipulation: 20 (Excellent)
*Boost distant sounds to make them audible at his location.

Sonic Generation: 20/30 (Excellent or Remarkable when boosted by Sound Manipulation).
-Make attacks at power rank range and damage.
-Generate frequencies that are normally inaudible.
-Disrupt other sound based powers.
—Power has to have a medium through which to work.

Resistance to Mental Attacks: 40 (Incredible)
-Resistant to psionics, neural manipulation, and any other attack that affects the psyche.
—Not effective against emotion or magical attacks.

Resistance to Physical Attack: 10 (Good)
-Resistant to brute force, chemical weapons, biochemicals, disease, hostile environments,
and temperature extremes.


Electronic Count
Security and Encryption
Computer Programming
Martial Arts B


Hector Bale (Martial Arts Instructor)
Keren Broussard (Computer Engineer)
Enoch Katsumata (Security Expert)
Augustine L. Westhoff (Justice of the Peace).


Detective/Espionage includes Clue Analysis, Counterfeit Recognition, Identification System, Law, and Police Procedure.

Security includes a +1 CS to spot and disable security devices.


Marko was/is a computer forensics/physical security specialist that worked for S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s cape killers as their computer infiltration agent. While on assignment he was killed in an incident involving a hyper-powered individual. His body was taken back to a lab where experiments resuscitated him and gave him powers and abilities he didn’t have before. Afterward, he trained in a government program to continue his work tracking down illegals. During training, he met his current team members and was later assigned to the SeaTac megalopolis.

Marko Olli Lehtonen, Code Name: Phantasm (ph4n745m)

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