Mason Harper



Caucasian, H: 6’, W: 200, Age: 30, Hair and eyes: Brown
Health: 110
Karma: 70

Popularity: Typical (6)
Recourses: Excellent (20)

Fighting: Excellent (20)
Agility: Remarkable (30)
Strength: Remarkable (30)
Endurance: Remarkabe (30)
Reasoning: Excellent (20)
Intuition: Remarkable (30)
Psyche: Excellent (20)

True Flight: Remarkable (30)
- fly through air and space. 15 areas/225mph.
Regeneration: Remarkable (30)
- heals 30 times faster than normal (3hp per rd)
Thermal Vision: Excellent (20)
-see infrared and heat sources. See in the dark, perceive temperature changes.
True Invulnerability: Remarkable (30)
-immune to any physical harm. Resistance to fire, heat, cold, electricity, radiation, corrosives, disease, poison, brute force, sonics, kinetic force. Vulnerable to magic and mental attacks.
Fire Generation: Remarkable (30)
-project flames with range at power level.
Fire Control: Good (10)
-control existing natural or power based. Resistance to heat and fire.
Self Sustenance: Remarkable (30)
-survive indefinitely without air, food, water.
Kinetic Bolt: Remarkable (30)
-strike a target with surge of force, any shape desired. Resistances are kinetic bolt, kinetic control, telekinesis.
Kinetic Control: Remarkable (30)
-increase or decrease kinetic energy. Typical intensity feat allows him to change the direction or any moving object or he can push a target.
-Power Stunt: Kinetic punch/kick: damage bonus equal to the kinetic control rank when punching or kicking. (+30 to strength, total= Amazing (60) damage.
Kinetic Absorption: Remarkable (30)
-absorb kinetic energy to self heal. Gains a number of hp equal to power rank number each time he is hit.
Danger Sense: Incredible (40)
-warns impeding danger. Must activate power to use. Advance warning time is the number of seconds equal to the power rank number. In combat situation can be used to replace intuition for determining surprise, fighting for blocking, agility for dodging, strength for escaping.

Resist Domination:
- +1cs to psyche against mental attacks
- +1cs to dodge
Martial Arts C:
- +1cs Str for grapple, +1cs str escape and +1cs Ag to dodging
Martial Arts E:
- +1 on initiative in unarmed combat
Quick Strike:
- +1cs to fighting for multiple attacks. +1 for initiative
- +1cs when dodging, evading, escaping
Aerial Combat:
- +1cs to fighting in air combat
-gains clue analysis, counterfeit recognition, identification system, law and police procedure. Trained to notice small clues to a crime.

Weakness: -vulnerable to cold based attacks.


Mason Harper has not had an easy life. But what mutant has had an easy life since the results of the “civil war”. His parents did in the beginning until they had to register to the federal government. Masons father and mother, Carl and Victoria Harper were also mutants, middle class citizens. Good jobs, paid taxes, hiding within the humans. Mason was 10 years old when the registration happened. Trying to keep each other together and with the federal programs regarding families not being separated (after all this was still America) Carl and Victoria started to work for one of the many government agencies regarding mutants. Mason had to go to another school where if the parents are mutants there kids go to an “alternative school” they dont mingle non-mutant and (possible future) mutants together. When mason was 12 he was at school and his parents was with him for a parent-teacher conference. While Carl and Victoria was discusssing the future of Mason, he was in the halls waiting for them to be done. Some other students wandering in the halls saw him and started to bully him. The bully’s threw Mason in the bathroom and started to beat him up while the whole time his parents not noticing anything going on with their son. The schools janitor by the name of James Grim being oblivious to whats going on in the bathroom was just passing by like these things are normal here. Well that was the biggest mistake for everyone in the school, it became to much for Mason something was growing inside himself some sort of raw power that was churning and ready to explode. When he couldn’t take any more raw power exploded out of him, fire and kinetic energy was released all at once into a giant explosion. 213 people died that day, another 110 people injured. Teachers, kids, parents including his were in that explosion. When he woke up he was in a secret government facility, this is where you go when you manifest your powers. Realizing what he done, killing his parents and many others he almost lost his mind and his powers became uncontrollable. They had no other choice but to place him in a special kind of training that would help him control his powers with extreme psyche and physical conditions this was known as the mutant purgatory. The mutant purgatory was the last chance for a mutant, if that mutant fails in controlling its powers then its put down like a dog. After many years of grueling training of keeping his powers controlled and seeing the potential of his powers he was able to get out of mutant purgatory. Now its training into an agent. He has been on several assignments and worked in different megalopolises. He was just transferred to the Seattle megalopolis to be leader off the current team.

Mason Harper

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