Marvel: Nightfall

Back at the office
Aftermath of the assault on Central

later, in the aftermath of the Hydra/Troll assault, SeaTac's Police Central began the process of picking up the pieces. Harper began his leadership of the team with his first evening on watch. During this time he began researching Hyde Industrial. His research eventually led him to the Essex Corporation. Later, he interviewed the illegal Alicen Steele (Catseye). During the interview, he surprised his new colleague Marko (Phantom) by proposing a mutual assistance agreement with Alicen. One which would guarantee her freedom. She accepted on the condition that Nathan (Graviton) remain her contact. 

Later in the evening, Nixi (Nycto) went to Harper and spoke to him about the disturbing dreams she had been having. Their conversation was later disturbed by warning klaxons announcing the Alicen's escape. During the investigation, Harper congratulated Marko on the subtle release of Catseye, only to learn that Marko had not attempted to release her as yet.

Marvel Nightfall (part 3)
What has gone before part 3

With tension and suspicion hanging over them, the newly rebuilt team began trying to come to terms with each other. 

Over the next few days, Nixi began her quiet Internal Affairs investigation into the previous team's activities. Marko, incensed by the suggestion of failure on the team's part, begins his own investigation into the backgrounds of the new teammates. In the meantime, Harper begins attempting to get a handle on the leadership problems he has suddenly become faced with.

Just when the heroes begin settling into an uneasy truce Nixi begins having strange dreams and Nathan is sent a coded message from Catseye requesting a meeting. Nathan made his way there and made contact with an unconscious and injured Steele. He made the difficult choice to bring her in and get her medical attention which also meant he must explain her involvement in the incidents surrounding Cynosure. Harper's initial reaction was apparently mild on the surface.

How the two new team members will truly react remains to be seen.

Nightfall (part 2)
What has gone before, part 2

A couple of days later, Nathan was contacted at his own home by an illegal by the name of Alicen Steele (aka Catseye). She used her powers to avoid any hostilities and offered Nathan information in exchange for information. Nathan eventually agreed and received a thumb drive from Catseye.

Nathan then returned to the station and passed the thumb drive to Marko for evaluation. During his examination, Marko found the chip to have been programmed with advanced Stark software which could not have been made prior to Tony Starks (aka Ironman) death at the hands of Captain Marvel. Eventually, Marko determined that the chip was safe enough to use. The team then moved Cynosure to one of the most secure rooms within the department and began the process of hacking her chip. This lead to the discovery of the influence of the secret organisation Hydra having been involved with Cynosure's manufacture. 

This also lead to an attack on the police station by gunships and elite teams of power armour suited soldiers, and a counter attack by the illegal known as Troll. While escaping the secure room with the help of Mobius, the team encountered two elite soldiers and a new villain who called himself Psychometer. The team dealt swiftly with the distraction and headed for an air cruiser in an attempt to escape Troll. Nathan insisted on taking the two unconscious soldiers with them.

The team's  attempt to avoid Troll ended in a dangerous chase. Damage to the cruiser eventually lead to a crash and a foot race to the nearest military base. Just when it seemed the team might not make it before being intercepted by Troll, a woman (who might have been Catseye) appeared and stopped the pursuit. The team then made it safely into the base. Though they were not welcomed, they were given a room in which to stay until they were met by higher level authorities.

Enter Mason Harper aka Flamebolt and Nixi Phebes aka Nycto; exit James Grim and Euler.

James and Euler are transported out by quinjet to places unknown and Mason takes charge of the rest of the team amid a fog of suspicion and resentment. The new team then returned to the station. 

To be continued…

Nightfall (part 1)
What has gone before part 1

Four years ago the government brought together four hyper-powered men and trained them to be a team. Full of idealism and a desire to make a better world, they were stationed in the SeaTac megalopolis. There they quickly discovered that the world was not as they thought it would be. Full of inequity and the red tape of bureaucracy, they found they must make do. For three years they maintained their mission; locate and capture illegal supers, assist standard police in situations that might cost considerable loss of human life and destruction of property, and always be vigilant against enemies of the state.

Synopsis: The team; James Grim aka Titan, Nathan Karr aka Graviton (II), Marko Lehtonen aka Phantom, and Euler aka Mobius.

One evening the heroes responded to a call about a robbery in progress with possible hyper-powered individuals. Upon arriving, the team found the call to be accurate. The robbery went wrong when CorpSec security arrived on scene and attempted to take the robbers down. This attempt failed. While devising a method for rescuing the hostages of the club the team was suddenly transported inside the club in the midst of the hostages and their captors. Before either group had a chance to react, an explosion shook the tower as three heavily armed men in power armor blasted through the wall.

In the ensuing chaos, Graviton discovered that the new aggressors were after a young brunette who was among the hostages in the club. During the ensuing battle, the team escaped with the young woman who displayed telekinetic abilities. A running battle took place as the team, aided by a female CorpSec officer attempted to lead the men in power armor away. The team eventually drove away the mysterious aggressors though their air cruiser (CorpSec) was forced to crash. In the aftermath, the team learned that the lady CorpSec officer wasn't who she seemed to be. 

After returning to their offices at the police station the team discovered several things. First, the young woman they had rescued has a technically legal chip, but one which they couldn't access for information. All they could read from it was that the woman's code name is Cynosure and a serial number. They also learned that the manufacturer was one Hyde Industries. Tests revealed that she was a bio-droid who wasn't affected by inhibitors. In time they verified her telekinesis, and that she could heal. After a destructive lab incident, the team decided to remove her to friendlier surroundings and arranged a secure apartment for her within police central. 

To be continued…

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